HIE-Bridge Health Information Exchange

  • Electronically locate, request and review vital information for treating a patient in a matter of seconds.
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  • Faster, more informed decision making in emergency situations.
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  • Coordinate patient care among multiple health care providers and facilities.
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  • Reduce unnecessary duplicate tests by reviewing previous tests completed at multiple facilities.
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  • Improve workflow efficiency – eliminates the need to call multiple facilities for patient records.
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Secure exchange of PHI – Are you sure?

Not all Direct exchange services are alike.  Sending an email with PHI, which HIPAA requires must remain private and confidential at all times, may not be as secure as you think or have been led to believe.


To be assured you are exchanging PHI in the most trusted manner possible, look for proof of accreditation and DirectTrust membership.  HIE-Bridge Direct’s partner, Inpriva is a member of a DirectTrust anchor bundle and accredited by EHNAC.  Additionally, CHIC – Minnesota’s only certified Health Information Organization (HIO) – is also a member of DirectTrust.


Click here for valuable information from DirectTrust 101.


Achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2 with             HIE-BridgeDirect

Connectivity can begin within

  • 7-8 business days for web portal access
  • 6 weeks for certified EHR integration access

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Complete medical information allows for better patient care and treatment

HIE-Bridge™ is a health information exchange(HIE), that provides health care providers the ability to locate and access key clinical information that is vital when making medical decisions. Through HIE-Bridge, healthcare providers have access to authorized patient information through a secure web-based information exchange platform.  HIE-Bridge is a service offered by Community Health Information Collaborative (CHIC), a Minnesota state certified Health Information Organization (HIO).


I just read the brochure we got from St. Luke’s. Wonderful idea — thanks to all who started and participate! My wife’s medical records are at several different facilities — knowing there is a central place that provides a list of where they are really helps!

~ David H., Duluth